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Spring into Action - Register Now for the Must-Play Compass Badminton Challenge!

Presented by Shuttle Swingers Women's Badminton, this all inclusive women's doubles based tournament will see 8 winners and 8 runners-up emerge from the unique Compass competition format. It's open to players from Grade A to E meaning the chances of winning a place, is pretty equal across the board.

Grade E players can be social players who haven't had any competition experience. We're encouraging everyone to give this badminton challenge a go.

So how does the Compass format work?

  • It is a badminton tournament draw that is divided up into 8 brackets, each bracket representing a point on a compass (i.e. North, South, North-East etc)

  • Each match will be to 30 points (no setting) with a minimum of 4 matches to be played

  • Finalists will play a 5th and final deciding match

  • All players start in a main draw of 64 (or 32 pairs) which is the East draw

  • A player simply moves into a new bracket when they lose a match

  • In Round 1, winning players stay in the East bracket and the losing players move into the West bracket

  • In Round 2, winning players in the East bracket stay in the East bracket, while losing players in the East bracket move into the North bracket. Similarly, winning players in the West bracket stay in the West bracket, while losing players in the West bracket move into the South bracket.

  • This process continues in rounds 3 and 4 where losing players can be moved into the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, or Southwest brackets.

  • The champion of the East draw is the overall winner of the tournament, having remained undefeated throughout the tournament.

The Benefits of a Compass Draw Format

  • Players get to play a minimum 4 sets of 30 point games (no setting) which helps them to develop as a badminton player regardless of their results. Finalists will play a 5th set.

  • Encourages sportspersonship in that players will not feel that losing will remove them from the event.

  • Allows development of the low level player and the high level player almost equally

  • A great way for entry level players to get involved in tournaments without 'throwing them in the deep end to swim'


There will be a presentation session at the conclusion of the event at Alpha. Everyone is invited to post tournament drinks at a location to be announced.

We invite and welcome our fellow badminton clubs and associations to participate in this unique and social badminton tournament.

* NOTE - If you don't have a doubles partner and would like to be paired up with someone, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help you out.


ENTRIES CLOSE: 26 Aug, 2022 (unless full)

LATE REGISTRATIONS: Will be accepted until Tues 1 Sep (if the draw is not full) a $5 late fee will apply

FOR MORE INFO: Sandra Lie 0415 123 111 / Bowie Ng 0404 061 008 /

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