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Let's Play Badminton

Whatever your level of play, identity or background, our approach is to welcome everyone into our badminton community. 

Weekly Socials

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Weekly Socials

Whether you're here for a social swing and miss, or looking to reignite your badminton play days, our weekly social is the perfect place to get your badminton fix. From backyard beginners who are starting out to tournament players, we've created spaces and opportunities for all player levels.


We're all about increasing female participation in badminton and we ask all members and guests to be inclusive and engage in fair play.  If you used to play badminton or looking to give it a go, then we welcome you to join us. Come on your own or find a friend you can drag out. There’s always a friendly face to welcome you on court.


Sports drinks, snacks, racket restringing and badminton equipment is available at our badminton venues. 


Most weeks a group of players will head to the pub afterwards for drinks and dinner. All are welcome to join (yes even the newbies). It’s a bit of a weekly highlight.


Badminton Socials every Tuesday and Thursday





  • Doubles

  • There will generally be a court allocated for more intermediate to advanced players, otherwise, it’s free for all (i.e play with anyone and everyone - it’s social).


We’re planning a unique monthly social swingers comp that promises to have you swinging and attempting those feel-good killer smashes. We plan to cater for a range of standards and playing levels, with grades ranging from beginner/novice to intermediate/advance.



  • You’ll be group in a team of 3 players and play format is women’s doubles.

  • Each time you compete you’ll be in the running to earn points for your team as well as individual points.

  • PLUS, you’ll potentially be playing with different players each time you join the comp. Hence why it’s a ‘SOCIAL SWINGERS COMP’.



  • TBD



  • TBD



If you think you’ve got what it takes or you’re keen to try your luck at competitive badminton, then we’d love to have you on our tournament squad. 


There are plenty of tournaments to enter through the year and it’s open for various grades: Open, A, B, C, D, E and even all the corresponding veteran events (40 is the minimum age to join the Veteran tournaments).


Shuttle Swingers will be looking to host dedicated Women's tournaments from 2022, so if you’re keen to hear more, be sure to join our Facebook Group and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Join our mailing list to be kept up to date with all our Swingers Activities throughout the year.



Shuttle Swingers offers its members and players a variety of coaching options to help improve your game. Through our coaching partners and affiliates, we currently have the following coaching and training programs on offer:


Group Training Thursdays, Botany Badmintonworx (ON HOLD)


WHEN: Thursdays 6 - 9pm (twice a month)


6:00 - 8:00pm followed by 1hr social

Coach: Sylvinna Kurniawan

No. of People: 4 - 6

Level: Intermediate to Advanced Level

Cost: $40 members, $45 non-members


8:00 - 9:00pm with 1hr social beforehand

Coach: Sylvinna Kurniawan

No. of People: 4 - 6

Level: Low Intermediate to Intermediate

Cost: $30 members, $35 non-members


Group Training Fridays, Botany Badmintonworx (ON HOLD)

FITMINTON TRAINING (Elite Fitness & Badminton Training)

6:00 - 8:00pm

Coach: Setyana Mapasa of TUMOU Badminton (former Australian Tokyo Olympian)

Level: Intermediate to Advanced / Tournament

Cost: $75 per session or $550 for 8 sessions


HOW TO JOIN: Prepayment and RSVP to to join

Private and Semi-Private Coaching


The following people are our recommended coaches and trainers for private and semi-private lessons.


Sylvinna Kurniawan [

Setyana Mapasa - TUMOU Badminton [

Sylvia Liu

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