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Pride 3-on-3 Results and Wrap Up

Despite the rainy night, our debut Pride 3-on-3 Badminton Friendly was certainly a well fired up event. We had 24 players competing with 12 players battling it out for the Division 1 bragging rights and 12 players in Division 2. Everyone really brought their A game to the court and a great balance of social and competitive play was experienced by all. Huge congrats to the winners and runners up. We're hoping to bring more of these friendly matches to our club in 2022.

Division 1 Results

Winners - Andie, Valerie and JK

Runners Up - Lia, Bowie and YQ

3rd Place - Nadine, Vivien and Jill

4th Place - Jane, Evon and Maureen

Division 2 Results

Winners - Amanda, Sandy and Sandra

Runners Up - Charlee, Judy and Lillian

3rd Place - Sammie, Rawya and Alison

4th Place - Debby, Mary and Eliza

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